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Occupy Wall Street Helpful Or Harmful

The Occupy Wall Street movement began as a series of protests against economic inequality and corruption in corporations, as well as the influence that some corporations have over the government. The protests were initially suggested by Adbusters, an advertising-free magazine in July of 2011. The hackers' group, Anonymous, also suggested the idea to its members. The protests were designed to be peaceful, and help raise awareness of the growing discontent that many have towards corporate influence in American life. Several protestors have camped out in Zucotti Park on Wall Street, and many others have joined in by protesting on weekends and on their time off.

Many consider the Occupy Wall Street protestors to have several valid points. A number of middle-class Americans are disturbed by the state of the economy, and feel that the government isn't doing everything it can to resolve the situation. Many are frustrated because of tax loopholes that enable some corporations, millionaires and billionaires to pay a lower percentage of tax than many middle-class families. A large number of protestors and supporters are angry because of how much of a role some large corporations and their contributions play in the election process. Polls that have been conducted have indicated support for the protests by a large number of Americans.

There has also been some criticism of the Occupy Wall Street movement by some politicians and media figures. Some conservatives feel that the movement is anti-capitalist, and point out the presence of some socialists at the protests. One problem that has been pointed out is the number of arrests made since the start of the protests, as well as problems caused by so many people camping out in one area. Conservative criticism also focuses on endorsement of the movement by several unions. Some critics feel that the protests aren't very productive, and are actually causing more difficulties for the city.

Ultimately, the Occupy Wall Street protestors hope to accomplish changes that will end corporate influence in government, as well as corporate corruption. It is hoped that the protests will inspire government leaders to make the legislative changes that are needed. The amount of media attention that has focused on these protests has brought a lot of support, as well as criticism. Regardless of where observers stand on the protests, they have certainly been a powerful way to bring attention to the issues that are troubling many Americans.