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Occupy Wall Street - History of the Movement

The Occupy Wall Street movement began as a protest at Zucotti Park in New York City's financial district around Wall St. The movement centers on the inequality of the super wealthy 1 percent, and the 99 percent that is referring to the rest of the population in the United States. Adbusters, which is an organization formed in Canada, was responsible for initiating the protests on Wall Street. Adbusters is a network of educators, students, activists, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs, working to advance social activism, by protests, demonstrations, and using social media to advance their cause. The inspiration behind the movement came from the Arab Spring Movement, which was largely responsible for the revolutions in the Middle East and civil uprisings and protests in many countries in the region.

The originators of Occupy Wall Street kept the theory of Raimundo Viejo, of Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain, in mind when he made the comment that originally anti-globalization came about when one person would act as the alpha male in a wolf pack, leading masses of people. The method has changed, and largely came about through social activism and social media.

The Occupy Wall Street movement was started because people are tired of the corruptive practices in multi-million dollar corporations that were responsible for the recession that's spread around the world. It's about special interest groups that control the political system. As long as the large corporations use profits for lobbyists, and make large contributions to politicians, there's the possibility that corruption in business will continue. Money influences representatives elected to serve the people in Washington. The unemployment rate is higher than it's been since the Depression. On the other hand, corporate profits have reached an all-time high, and the average pay for working people hasn't increased in 50 years.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is making people aware that they really do matter, especially people who are out of work, and the millions who have to hold down two or even three jobs just to make ends meet. The average person has to work long hours at low pay rates, while the big corporations don't pay taxes and get tax breaks. Most people can't afford health insurance, or have access to quality healthcare. The movement started on September 17th, 2011, when 20,000 people were asked to go to Wall Street, set up tents, and peacefully occupy Wall Street for a few months. Their demand is that democracy be restored to America by peaceful means. The originators of the movement specifically encouraged nonviolence in order to achieve their goals.